A Y contractor is a membership that will come in use in all aspects of your career. We aim to make all contractors life's easier by offering them all the services they require to meet the statutory requirement as a limited company, and also giving them vital information for them to have a strong understanding of their company’s financial performance.

However, we also believe it is very important we help you with actually being a contractor, and this is where the membership becomes fun!

Being a contractor, can involve traveling on a regular basis, eating out and the use of hotels across the country and in many cases, relocating for your next contract.

We have built a strong business relationship with many businesses across the UK in the food, hotel, transport sectors, as well as estate agents, solicitors and mortgage and loan providers.

AY Contractors membership is unique as it aims to help with saving cost and make your life style hassle free by giving your many benefits as mentioned above.

Fees starting from £ 75.00 per month.
Services include:

Please feel free to contact us to discuss in detail all the benefits we can offer you as an A Y Contractor

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